How to build an all Natural Pool 

Going to the beach or a public swimming pool is fun and great, but you can’t help thinking of all the bad things that might latch on to you. Having your own pool is great but having an all natural pool in the yard is awesome. An all natural pool or pond doesn’t have chemicals to sterilize the water instead it uses biological filter and plant roots to achieve clarity and purified water. So if you are interested, here are some tips on how to build an all natural pool.   

Natural Pool


You should make sure that the area where the pool will be, is cleaned. If there are structures that needs to be removed or demolished that should be taken care of first. You can check out the demolition company Chicago has to offer if you live in the area to get that out of the way.   


Simplicity is the best. When it comes to designing your all natural pool keep your designs simple. A more complex design could be great but it will add to the cost and time into making the pool.   


Do not forget the permit. This is very important as to be sure that you aren’t breaking any law. Go over this with the city or the homeowner’s association because some will not allow pool in the area. You also have to consider that some pools are taxed and if you don’t register your pool  you might face some problems like tax evasion.  


You can hire the muscles you need to do the next step into making an all natural pool. This will actually save you the time and effort and keep you out of danger if you do not know what you’re doing.  

After you have someone demolish the structure in the area, now it’s time to excavate the area. You don’t have to go too deep if you don’t want to add a lot of reinforcement. 1.8 m or less is good enough for a shallow pool. Flat bottom and square pools are the best as it is easier to level and cost less to make.    


You should have a good drainage planned out. A poor drainage can be a factor for the failure of your natural pool. You got to make sure that the ground waters don’t go into your pool. Ensure that you have a channel for drainage.   


Of course it is an all natural pool and the plants help in filtering the water so it stays clean. However, if you want to add something like maybe warm your pool. It is best if you consult the professional this way you won’t be damaging the pool you just had made.   


Now you get to enjoy your low maintenance all natural pool. You don’t have to worry skin disease because it is said that you can basically drink the water from the pool because of how clean it is. I suggest that if you do want to drink it, you get it tested just to be on the safe side.  

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Hair Braids it’s Advantages and Disadvantages? 

The hair plays a special role in our lives as a human. It is the crowning glory for some and it take great pains to keep a healthy hair?  Braids are said to be protective to the hair. Braids will help to grow hair healthier and less tangled. If you are interested to get your hair braided professionals, you can call or checked out Calgary hair braiding professional for a list of professionals that will do the work for you.  

Hair Braids

You’ll have to be careful with what you do. As if the braiding is not done right can cause serious damage to it.   

Detangle your hair.  

Your hair needs to be detangled before any work can be done to it properly. You should have your hair detangled before going to a stylist as the stylist would not be as patient to your hair than you. If your hair is already detangled then the stylist would have to do less. 

Deep condition your hair.  

Deep condition your hair. A hair that is deep conditioned is easy to handle and will be a lot pliant. There will also be less breakage to your hair when the braiding is done.  


Like all the others, their should be balance with your hair. If you decide to have extensions with your braid. Then there should be an equal balance between your hair and the extension itself. If a particularly big extension is attached to a small part in your hair. That could very well damage it as it would put too much tension on your real hair.  

Care for your braids just like when it is not braided.  

Having braids may look like you’ll have less to do with it’s design. However, an unwashed hair can be bad on the health of your scalp. This could lead to several problems for your head and hair. It is ideal for you to wash and moisturize your hair very other day or as recommended. 

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize  

Make sure that your hair is moisturized properly. This will keep it from getting brittle and breaking all on its own. When your braided hair is dry it will be prone to breakage that is not something you want to happen unless you want it too.  

Give your hair a break.  

Allow your hair at least a week to recuperate, if you take out you hair braid it is important to remember that your hair needs a break too. Allowing your hair to recuperate is a good thing as it will help in the growth and the strength of your hair.   

A good quality of hair comes from the amount of care and thought you put into taking care of it. Make sure that you moisturize, make sure that you wash it carefully, make sure that you deep condition it. Allow it to have a rest, make sure that it is balanced. Make sure that pulling it would not cause it to break. Your hair is not just your crown but it can also increase your self esteem in the long run.  

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